This site is dedicated to sales of an educational 8-bit computer kit which uses the Z80 for its central processing unit (CPU). This microcomputer kit is based on the wire-wrap hobbyist system I describe in my main web site, which in turn is based on designs made popular by Steve Ciarcia in his book Build Your Own Z80 Computer, Byte Books, 1981. I created this kit in response to requests by site visitors for an easier way to build a Z80-based computer. The best way to get familiar with the kit for sale here is to download and read the kit instructions. If you still have questions, please email me.  --Best wishes, Donn Stewart.

Disk and Memory Expansion kit.

Price: $36.00

This kit adds an IDE disk interface and extra memory to the basic Z80 computer. This allows you to run the CP/M operating system. With CP/M, you have access to hundreds of programs in the public domain. For details, please look at the Disk and Memory Expansion kit instructions.

Many different disk drives can be used with this interface, including mechanical hard disks, solid-state IDE drives, and compact flash (CF) drives in an IDE adapter. You need the Serial Interface kit to operate the computer with the Disk and Memory Expansion.

As mentioned in the kit instructions, you need a number of programs to test the memory expansion, and to load CP/M onto the disk for use in the Z80 computer. Here are the programs for download:







Listings of these files can be found in the Disk and Memory Expansion kit instructions.