This site is dedicated to sales of an educational 8-bit computer kit which uses the Z80 for its central processing unit (CPU). This microcomputer kit is based on the wire-wrap hobbyist system I describe in my main web site, which in turn is based on designs made popular by Steve Ciarcia in his book Build Your Own Z80 Computer, Byte Books, 1981. I created this kit in response to requests by site visitors for an easier way to build a Z80-based computer. The best way to get familiar with the kit for sale here is to download and read the kit instructions. If you still have questions, please email me.  --Best wishes, Donn Stewart.

Power supply

Price: $14.50

This is a "wall wart"-style power supply that produces 2000 mA of current at +5V DC regulated, which is adequate for running the computer with the display attached. It has a 6-foot cord for the +5V output with a plug that fits the power-in jack on the computer kit board. It has a USA-style plug for the electrical wall outlet. It needs an input of 100 to 120 V AC, at 50 to 60 Hz. If you are an international customer, please check if it will work in your area before buying.