This site is dedicated to sales of an educational 8-bit computer kit which uses the Z80 for its central processing unit (CPU). This microcomputer kit is based on the wire-wrap hobbyist system I describe in my main web site, which in turn is based on designs made popular by Steve Ciarcia in his book Build Your Own Z80 Computer, Byte Books, 1981. I created this kit in response to requests by site visitors for an easier way to build a Z80-based computer. The best way to get familiar with the kit for sale here is to download and read the kit instructions. If you still have questions, please email me.  --Best wishes, Donn Stewart.

Pre-programmed EPROMS

Price: $4.50

These are 2716 EPROMs pre-programmed with code. The v.7 EPROM has the code that allows you to test the computer system, and load and run small programs you write yourself, and use the Serial Interface if you have one. The v.8 EPROM has code that allows you to operate the Disk and Memory Expansion. There is an optional Tiny BASIC EPROM that can be used with the computer with the serial interface attached.

These are UV-erasable EPROMs with a little window over the small silicon chip, meant to allow the UV light access to the chip. However, it also allows you to see the chip. Look at it with a strong magnifier and you can see the detail of the circuit, and the tiny wires that attach the chip to the package pins. I ship the computer kits with these EPROMs because seeing the bare integrated circuit is part of the educational purpose of the kit. For those who have EPROM erasers and programmers, you can change the programs if you want. The complete program listings of the v.7 and v.8 EPROMs can be found in the computer kit instructions and the disk and memory expansion kit instructions respectively. You can download the v.7 ROM files from these links:

ROM v. 7 assembly language file
ROM v. 7 assembly list file
ROM v. 7 binary file

A full archive of ROM files, including Tiny BASIC can be found here.