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Designing, Building, and Selling Obsolete Computers -- for Educational Purposes -- since 2004

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Kit instruction manuals

Here are links to the instruction manuals for the various kits. The Original Computer Kit instructions has the instructions for the bus display. Look over the instruction manuals to get complete information about the kits before you buy. The instruction manual for the original computer kit has a listing of the v.7 EPROM, and the instruction manuals for the disk and memory kit and the single-board kit both have a listing of the v.8 EPROM. You can download and examine code for all the CPUville kits from the Z80 code page.

Original computer kit instructions

The original computer kit instruction manual has instructions for the original bus display.

Logic probe kit instructions

Serial interface kit instructions

Disk and memory expansion kit instructions

Single-board kit instructions

Bus display for single-board computer instructions

8-bit processor kit instructions

Register display kit instructions

Z80 socket adapter kit instructions

Building and soldering tips