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Designing, Building, and Selling Obsolete Computers -- for Educational Purposes -- since 2004

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8-bit Processor Kit

This kit is an 8-bit, general purpose, accumulator-memory type computer processor implemented with TTL (transistor-transistor logic) integrated circuits. It is the same system detailed in the 8-bit processor project pages, available as a kit. For details, please look at the 8-bit processor kit instructions.

processor stack three boards

This is the 8-bit processor kit, which is 3 boards. Price: $222.00    More information...

photo of assembled register display kit

This kit is a register display for the 8-bit processor. It allows you to watch the activity in the processor registers while the computer runs. Price: $46.00   More information...

photo of Z80 socket adapter and cable

This kit allows you to make an adapter to connect the 8-bit processor to the Z80 socket in the Original Z80 computer. Price: $12.00   More information...
photo of 40 conductor ribbon cable connector

This connector allows one to connect the 8-bit processor to the system connector on the Single-board Z80 computer. Price: $2.50   More information...

I also have for sale power supplies, bare boards for hobbyists with lots of parts on hand, extra pre-programmed EPROMs, and a Tiny BASIC interpreter on an EPROM.   More information...