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Designing, Building, and Selling Obsolete Computers -- for Educational Purposes -- since 2004

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CPUville is dedicated to the computer electronics hobby. The projects and kits here reflect my interest in basic computer hardware. The computers here are simple, and presented in a way that I hope will make them easy to understand. Here are the main things you will find here:

Z80 computer kit

I have a series of kits for sale for a simple Z80 microcomputer that can be assembled by hobbyists or students with average soldering skills. The kits progress from a bare-bones system board up to a system with a disk interface capable of running the CP/M operating system.

8-bit processor data path diagram

This computer processor is made of 7400 series ICs, and can connect to the Z80 socket on the CPUville Z80 computer kit system.

These are pages explaining the basic elements of computer electronics

Other projects

The original CPUville TTL processor

A wire-wrap Z80 microcomputer system

Homebuilt CPUs WebRing

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The webring is maintained by Warren Toomey. To join the Homebuilt CPUs ring, drop Warren a line, mentioning your page's URL. He'll then add it to the list. You will need to copy this code fragment into your page (or reference it.)
Note: The ring is chartered for projects that include a home-built CPU. It can emulate a commercial part, that′s OK. But actually using that commercial CPU doesn′t rate. Likewise, the project must have been at least partially built: pure paper designs don′t rate either. It can be built using any technology you like, from relays to FPGAs.